Rewards Program

Active Members Earn

Earn rewards simply for being active in our community. From logging in, taking part in forum discussions and inviting other people to join our community.

Paid Referrals

Earn referral bonuses when referrals hire Seamuno for paid work, whether it's once or a hundred times. Being a member and telling others can be rewarding.

Our Affiliates

Sign up with any of our registered affiliates/partners and earn rewards on every dollar you spend with them, whether it's flat, hourly, monthly or yearly rates.


Entries are eligible to either win Reward Points or a mystery coupon that awards winners with an unknown amount of Rewards Points.

Social Rewards

Follow us on all our Social Channels for chances to obtain codes that award you Rewards Points when entered in to our code entry system.

Leader Board Rewards

Be active and be recognized for it. Top 3 members are awarded top rewards points and all remaining leader board members earn points as well.


Do you enjoy writing good quality content? Earn up to 1,000 rewards points per article and earn bonuses based on overall engagement and performance.


Rewards Points are automatically converted and calculated into service credits known as UNOBUCKS. 1,000 Rewards Points equals $10.00 credit.

Redeem and Save

Hire Seamuno and redeem your UNOBUCKS as service credits towards your next payment. Service credit only applies to in-house services.


Best of all, it's 100% FREE